Book Review Tips

You may use the tips below as a reference to help your child format their book review. Children reading chapter books are encouraged to take notes while reading to help format their review. Reviewers may choose any combination of the tips below to format their book review and/or add their own thoughts.


  1. Tell us a little about the book.  Example: Cameron was determined to be the best basketball player on the team. (S)he practiced every day after school and was ALWAYS dribbling! (Please don’t give details on how the book ended, we want future readers to be surprised)
  2. This book made me laugh/feel proud of who I am/want to go swimming
  3. (Name of character) reminded me of myself because (s)he is a great dancer/(s)he loved math
  4. I liked this book because it was funny/I learned about different traditions/it made me  imagine I was in another country
  5. I believe people who  (like cliffhangers/enjoy sports/like solving problems) will like this book


*We support our book reviewers honest opinion and accept unfavorable reviews. The tips above are only a guide to help with the review process.  Book Reviews must be approved by Books Exposed before compensation is remitted.