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Published Date: September 9, 2020

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Why is Mommy ignoring me? Why does Jerry lie about me? What did I do?
Imani’s mommy is acting strange.

She doesn’t talk to Imani much anymore.

She doesn’t care that Imani got an A on her math test.

Sometimes she doesn’t get out of bed before Imani leaves for school.

Strangest of all, Mommy has an imaginary friend called Jerry, who seems to think Imani is a very bad little girl…

Imani tries hard to focus and do her best at school, but it’s difficult when her classmates laugh at her for having a strange mommy and uncombed hair.

Her teacher, Mr. Jackson, notices that Imani is sad and distracted in class, but he doesn’t know what’s wrong. Even Imani’s daddy doesn’t know what’s going on!

Will Mommy ever get better? And who is Jerry?

In this educational picture book, a little girl discovers her mommy has schizophrenia and needs to get help before she can function normally again. Told with warmth and understanding and beautifully illustrated on every page, Who’s Jerry? will help caregivers and children connect with one another and explain a sometimes difficult to understand subject.

An excellent resource for facilitating conversation with children about mental health and well-being, especially if someone they know has experienced a similar diagnosis to Imani’s mom



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