It Pays to Read

*It Pays to Read*

is an innovative literacy initiative that compensates children to review books!

This initiative was developed to nurture our youths love of reading, sharpen their communication skills, and teach basic financial literacy lessons on Spending, Saving and Sharing.  Children will also discover new books that highlight Black/Brown authors and protagonists.

It Pays to Read is for any child that enjoys reading picture books and is willing to share their honest opinion of them.  Complete our  Registration Form to enroll your child today!


Program Testimonials

“My son Zavier and I thoroughly enjoyed the “It Pays to Read” program.  The program encouraged Zavier to read more and he learned how to give a short summary of what he read.  We found the program to be very unique, fun to use, and has an easy process.   The program introduced us to some great authors that had amazing books that held Zavier’s attention.  As a Mom, I feel a great sense of pride observing my son actively engaged in the program and watching his confidence soar when he would record his reviews.  One of the best rewards for my son was receiving the personalized certificate and rare $2 bill.  “It pays to Read” is an exceptional program for children because it helps to expand on the traditional phonics methods.” ~ Rhonda


“Thank you so much for having the girls contribute.  Its such a wonderful learning opportunity for them.  Valerie used the earnings to buy diapers for a local shelter that she saw on the news.” ~ Elaine





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